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Two Months of American Cheese

Enjoy a selection of California's best artisan cheeses delivered right from the dairy to your door in two monthly collections. The unique cheeses offer a generous taste of celebrated regional favorites and a fine balance of flavors, textures and styles. Month 1: December 10-20, 2013 (delivered in time for Christmas) Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Collection Bay Blue is a rustic-style blue cheese reminiscent of Stilton. It is known for its fudgy texture, mellow flavor and sweet, salted-caramel finish. 1 lb. Tangy Toma has a buttery texture and grassy notes reminiscent of the fields where the cattle graze on the California coast. 1 lb. Rustic Bakery sea salt crackers. 6 oz. Month 2: January 7-17, 2014 California Cheese Collection Pedrozo Black Butte is a firm, raw cow's milk cheese is produced only in springtime, when the pastures are in full bloom-the secret to its robust, grassy flavors and deep golden hue. 8 oz. Golden Valley Delight is a buttery, semi-hard sheep's milk cheese that melts in the mouth, revealing fruity overtones. 8 oz. Nicolau Farms Bianchina, a blend of cow's milk and goat's milk, creates a rich bloomy rind cheese and soft, milky flavor give it the character of a firm cream cheese. 8 oz. Approx. 3 lb. 8 oz. cheese total. Shipped chilled. Made in USA.
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