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Six Months of American Cheese

Enjoy a selection of America's best artisan cheeses delivered right from the dairy to your door in six monthly deliveries. The unique cheeses offer a generous taste of celebrated regional favorites and a fine balance of flavors, textures and styles. Month 1: December 10-20, 2013 (delivered in time for Christmas) Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Collection, California Original Blue is a rustic-style blue cheese reminiscent of Stilton. It is known for its fudgy texture, mellow flavor and sweet, salted-caramel finish. 1 lb. Tangy Toma has a buttery texture and grassy notes reminiscent of the fields where the cattle graze on the California coast. 1 lb. Rustic Bakery sea salt crackers. 6 oz. Month 2: January 7-17, 2014 California Cheese Collection Pedrozo Black Butte is a firm, raw cow's milk cheese is produced only in springtime, when the pastures are in full bloom-the secret to its robust, grassy flavors and deep golden hue. 8 oz. Golden Valley Delight is a buttery, semi-hard sheep's milk cheese that melts in the mouth, revealing fruity overtones. 8 oz. Nicolau Farms Bianchina, a blend of cow's milk and goat's milk, creates a rich bloomy rind cheese and soft, milky flavor give it the character of a firm cream cheese. 8 oz. Month 3: February 4-14, 2014 Cellars at Jasper Hill Collection, Vermont & New Hampshire Landaff is a mild cheese cave-aged 4-5 months from Landaff Creamery in New Hampshire's White Mountains. The semi-firm cheese melts beautifully, and offers balanced, complex flavors with a bright buttermilk tang. 8 oz. Willoughby is a small-format washed-rind cheese using pastured dairy from grass-fed cows from northeastern Vermont. Aged 4-6 weeks, look for earthy and nutty aromas on the rind, complementing notes of fresh peach and cream on the interior. 8 oz. Weybridge is a young cheese, aged 21 days, with a thin, mushroomy rind and bright, tangy, citric flavors. 4 oz. Month 4: March 4-14, 2014 Zingerman's Michigan Cheese Collection, Michigan Great Lakes Cheshire is an aged raw cow's milk cheese from cheesemaker John Loomis. It has an ivory paste, thick yet slightly crumbly texture and buttery, nutty flavor with hints of citrus. 8 oz. Detroit Street Brick is pasteurized goat's milk cheese made with kid rennet and green tellicherry peppercorns and aged two weeks to develop its fluffy white-mold rind, fudgy texture and bright peppery flavor. 8 oz. Little Napoleon is made from pasteurized goat's milk. The cheese is molded into rounds and aged for two weeks to develop a beautiful amber mold rind, a dense, creamy texture and slightly tart, earthy flavor. Two 3-oz. rounds. Month 5: April 8-18, 2014 Looking Glass Cheese Collection, North Carolina Pack Square is a semisoft cow's milk cheese in the style of Brie with a bloomy rind, an earthy flavor and a texture that becomes increasingly creamy as it ripens. This cheese has a warm, buttery flavor that draws from the rich, grass-fed Jersey milk from which it is made. 6 oz. Chocolate Lab is a hard, aged, washed-rind cow's milk cheese finished with a rub of local dark cocoa nibs and water from a nearby spring. It has a firm yet moist interior with a distinctively ridged rind that develops a dusty red color over time as it is washed in a brine solution. 12 oz. Ellington is an award-winning French-style semisoft goat cheese with a bloomy rind. Formed into a pyramid shape and coated with a light coating of ash before aging. 7.5 oz. Month 6: April 29-May 9, 2014 Beehive & Creminelli Collection, Utah Aggiano is a grana-style cheese with a crumbly texture and flavor profile reminiscent of Parmigiano-Reggiano. 12 oz. Salami Casalingo, or "salami of the house," is made in the traditional Italian style with coarse-ground pork from naturally raised heritage breed pigs; hand-selected organic spices enhance its sweetness. 5.5 oz. Beehive Rusks are whole-grain crackers made with dried cherries, seeds, nuts, sea salt and Utah wildflower honey, all wonderful flavors to accompany cheese. 4 oz. Shipped chilled. Made in USA.
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