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Lynx Professional Built-In Grill

Made in the USA, Lynx Professional grills bring commercial-kitchen performance to outdoor cooking. Innovative features include solid cast-brass burners, which hold and radiate heat at a high temperature impervious to wind, and optional ProSear2 variable infrared burners that can be closely controlled for just the right doneness, all the way from quick searing to lower-temperature slow cooking. Lynx grills are famous for their seamless welded construction, which makes for a sleek appearance, long-lasting durability and faster, easier cleanup. Built-in grill designed for easy installation into a countertop enclosure in your outdoor kitchen. The grills are available in 27", 30", 36", 42", and 54" sizes, each with different choices of burner combinations. Choice of propane or natural gas models. 27" and 30" grills include two burners: Choose between one cast-brass burner and one ProSear2 Burner (total 48,000 BTUs) or two cast-brass burners (total 50,000 BTUs). 36" and 42" grills include three burners: Choose from two cast-brass burners and one ProSear2 burner (total 73,000 BTUs); three cast-brass burners (total 75,000 BTUs); or three ProSear2 burners (total 69,000 BTUs). 54" grill includes four burners: three cast-brass burners and one ProSear2 burner (total 98,000 BTUs). Dual-position rotisserie features a heavy-duty, three-speed motor and one infared burner (14,000 BTUs) on 27", 30", 36" and 42" grills or two rear infrared burners (28,000 BTUs) on 54" grill. Hot surface ignition system ignites burner quickly and safely. Internal halogen lights illuminate grill surface for nighttime grilling. Blue LEDs illuminate control knobs. Heat stabilizer deflects wind to keep grill surface at consistent temperature. Stainless-steel grilling grates. Ceramic briquettes facilitate even radiant heat distribution. Comes with Lynx's Removable Smoker Box. Large, easy-to-read temperature gauge. Hood glides open and closed with a feather-light touch thanks to Hood-Assist springs and balance system. Hood handle rotates 360 degrees for opening and closing the hood without changing hand position. Welded construction eliminates gaps where grease and moisture can collect. Professional installation recommended.
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