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Pickling Herbs Collection, 4" Plant 6-Pack

The three sustainably grown herbs in this six-pack are favorites for flavoring homemade pickles and brines-a great way to preserve vegetables from your garden. Clip the fresh foliage as needed for cooking, then let the plants flower and harvest the entire seed head for use in pickling. You can also harvest the seeds from the heads and dry for later use. Dill: Produces finely divided, feathery foliage and seeds with fresh aroma and distinct flavor. In addition to pickling, use for seafood, marinades and sauces. Fennel: Compact bulbs with fine, feathery fronds prized for their strong anise-like flavor and aroma. Use the seeds and fronds for pickling and the pale green celery-like bulb for cooking-raw, braised or sauteed. Coriander (cilantro): The leaves of fresh coriander are used extensively in Mexican, Asian and Latin American cuisines. Left unharvested, the plant produces seed heads that add exotic flavor to pickling brines. Appropriate for all growing zones. Suitable for container or ground planting. 3" to 4" high plants ship in 4" diam. grower's pots. Plant in light, well-drained soil. Require full sun. Six plants, two of each variety. Sustainably grown in USA. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
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