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Herbal Tea Collection, 4" Plant 6-Pack

Create your own herbal teas with this collection of six sustainably grown perennial herb plants, each with its own distinctive aroma and flavor. Harvest the leaves and use fresh or dried to brew soothing teas and natural remedies. Or use them to flavor plain loose-leaf black tea. Chamomile: Daisy-like aster enjoyed for its delicate flavor and its stomach-calming and sleep-inducing properties. Orange Mint: Refreshing flavor with hints of orange and lavender. As a natural remedy, mint tea is known to soothe the stomach and sore throats. Lemon Verbena: Perennial shrub with long, narrow leaves, pale blossoms and a very strong minty-citrus scent. In teas, it is thought to reduce fevers and calm anxiety. Stevia: Long used to brew tea in South and Central America, stevia bears textured, jagged-edged leaves high in sucrose, which add natural sweetness to infused mixtures. Lemon Balm: A member of the mint family, with lemon- and honey-scented leaves used for centuries to reduce stress, promote sleep and improve appetite. Rosemary: Fine needles from vigorous shrub are rich in antioxidants with strong herbaceous aroma and flavor. Rosemary tea offers restorative properties that energize the body. Suitable for container or ground planting. 3" to 4" high plants ship in 4" diam. grower's pots. Plant in spring or fall. Require full sun. Drought tolerant once established. Six plants, one of each variety. Sustainably grown in USA. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
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