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Fire Escape Farms Seeds, Set of 3

Even the smallest spaces can be great for growing fresh produce-from colorful beets and leafy greens to edible flowers. Our hand-selected set of seed mixes from San Francisco's Fire Escape Farms make it easy to cultivate a healthy kitchen garden wherever you live. The easy-to-grow varieties ensure a steady supply of ingredients for salads and everyday cooking. Set of three includes 1g of each mix: Rainbow Beets, Leafy Greens and Edible Flowers. Grown in USA. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive. Rainbow Beets Mix This colorful array of beet varieties is easy to grow and delicious to eat, whether sliced fresh for salads or roasted to enhance their sweetness in soups, salads and side dishes. They're also great for pickling. The nutrient-packed greens can be lightly sauteed or added fresh to salads and soups. Organic seed mix of Chioggia, Touchstone Gold and Bull's Blood beet varieties (beta vularis) for a mix of candy-striped, golden and red beets with leafy greens. Annual. Mature height: 8"-10". 50 days to harvest. Harvest when roots are 1"-2" in diam. Ideal for gardens or planters. Min. container depth 8". Requires full sun. Leafy Greens Mix A bountiful blend of bright-colored and deep-flavored dark leafy greens, perfect for preparing garden-fresh salads. Enjoy them lightly steamed with lemon and garlic, or toss into stir-fries, risottos, pasta dishes and soups for a nutritious and flavorful addition. Organic seed mix of lacinato kale, rainbow lacinato kale, Red Russian kale, Osaka Purple mustard, Red Giant mustard, Ruby Streaks mustard, tatsoi and Ruby Red chard. Mature height: 4"-6". Approx. 28 days to harvest. Sow every 3 weeks for a continuous supply. Ideal for gardens or planters. Min. container depth 6". Requires partial to full sun. Edible Flowers Mix A beautiful mix of edible flowers in a range of colors and flavors from citrus to spice. Sprinkle them on salads, or use them to garnish desserts and soups. Also great for attracting beneficial insects to your garden. Organic seed mix of borage, anise hyssop, feverfew, lemon mint, Blue Boy bachelor's button, Zeolights calendula, Lemon Gem marigold, Alaska nasturtium, Helen Mount johnny jump up, sweet william, lemon balm, chives, garlic chives, sweet marjoram, bouquet dill and cilantro. Mature height: 12"-24". 30-90 days to harvest. Ideal for gardens or planters. Min. container depth 6". Requires partial to full sun.
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