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de Buyer Quatuor(TM) Sharpening Steel

De Buyer of France developed the Quintum to be the world's most advanced sharpening steel. This single steel offers five distinct stages of sharpening, from complete restoration of dull edges to daily honing. Its innovative diamond-coated technology produces the authentic "microteeth" so essential for a sharp, accurate edge, rather than simply roughening the edge temporarily-so razor-sharp results are longer lasting. The Quintum is easy to use, with accurate angle guides taking the guesswork out of using a sharpening steel. Four stages of sharpening/honing, from very coarse complete regrinding of worn edges to very fine honing for everyday maintenance. Produces finer bevels and sharper edges than traditional sharpeners. Patent-pending diamond-coated cam sharpener built into the handle for complete regrinding of worn blades. Accurate primary bevel of 15 degrees. Diamond-coated steel shaft with three different sharpening and honing zones: sharpening (15 degrees), honing (17 degrees) and fine honing (20 degrees). Precise angle guides for each zone remove most of human error, greatly improving results. Replaces the traditional stone-and-steel sharpening/honing combination with more accurate, faster results. More accurate bevels means less "rounding" of the edge, and therefore less resharpening and longer blade life.
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